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Trying out Hadoop on Azure Screencast Series

I made some short screencasts today as I tried out some functionality of the Hadoop on Azure CTP.  I intend to continue to post more screencasts as I work through the samples and start trying out my own data samples too.  If you’d like to be notified when I add more content, then you can either RSS this blog (Tags – BigData or Hadoop) or you can just subscribe to my YouTube BigData playlist – here.

First up – geting started with Hadoop on Azure, setting up a cluster.

Next – performing basic administrative tasks via the Hadoop on Azure web-based cluster interface.

Next – Trying out a sample – Using the Mahout Clustering sample

Next – Getting started with the Interactive Javascript console

Next – Trying out Pig Latin, running a Pig job using the Javascript console.

In the next set of videos, I plan to try out writing and executing a Map Reduce job in Javascript.  Then I’ll start working with the Hive (HQL) functionality in the Hadoop on Azure console.  Finally, I plan to finish up by showing the Hadoop add-in for Excel.  This last tool also allow you to write and to execute Hive queries against your Hadoop on Azure cluster, but uses Excel as the client.


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