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SQL Sever 2012 Data Quality Services – Cleanse2KB

In this short screencast, I show how to use the ‘Cleanse2KB’ featured added to SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services in RC0.  The idea is that you can take the results of a data cleansing project, i.e. manual domain value corrections added at the ‘Manage and View Results’ stage of the Data Cleansing project and import those updates back into a KB (in the Domain Management > Domain Values section).

I had difficulty getting this feature to work as it seems to be announced, but completely undocumented as of yet, so when I figured out how to to use it, I made this short screencast.

One thought on “SQL Sever 2012 Data Quality Services – Cleanse2KB

  1. ‘Cleanse2Kb’ is an internal name of the DQS feature that allows you to import values from a completed cleansing project to a knowledge base. This feature is documented in BOL at the following location: Because ‘Cleanse2KB’ was an internal name, we did not use it in our documentation. Sorry for the confusion.

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