Scaling Galaxy on GCP

Below are the slides from my talk for the GAME 2017 conference  on ‘Scaling Galaxy for GCP’ to be delivered in Feb 2017 at the University of Melbourne, Australia.  Galaxy is a bioinformatics tool used for genomic research.  A sample screen from Galaxy is shown below. In this talk, I will show demos and patterns for […]

SQL Server on Google Cloud Platform

I recently tried out running SQL Server 2016 on a Google Cloud Platform Windows-based Virtual Machine (GCE – Google Compute Engine Service).  This is a quick way to try out new features of the latest version of SQL Server.  In this case, I wanted to test out the R (language)-in database services. Although you can […]

Speed Essay / Abstract Writing

A great teacher taught me a technique to use when I felt ‘blocked’ trying to write an essay.  I have used and refined this technique for years when I am doing professional writing, particularly as I write/submit abstracts to conference as a potential speaker. People often tell me ‘you write so fast!’.  Since I am […]

Getting Started with SQL Server & Redis

When is SQL Server ‘not enough’ and/or ‘too expensive’ for your application performance scalability needs?  Caching is a popular mechanism used to accelerate response times and help applications scale while reducing the load on RDBMS systems, and save on resources. Redis is a widely used in-memory NoSQL database, which can be used as a database, […]

Building a data warehouse with AWS Redshift and Partners

Resources from my talk at NDC-Sydney on how to to quickly setup a cloud-based data warehouse using AWS Redshift and AWS Marketplace partners, Matillion ETL for Redshift and Yellowfin for Data Visualization – includes short pptx deck, You Tube screencast video and link to aws cli setup scripts via a Github repo #HappyBuilding