From AWS re:Invent 2015 – short video interview

I am speaking at and attending the massive AWS re:Invent conference this week in Las Vegas along with over 19,000 other people.

Among the activities here, I was interviewed for Silicon Angle/theCube. Here’s the my interview…

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TKP Courseware Influences

We often get asked ‘what are the influences’ for TKP courseware? TKP courseware includes TKPJava, TKPSmallBasic and new courseware around Data Science and IoT concepts.

In addition to to the work of the TKP team that has created TKPJava courseware, the team is inspired by many other influences.  These influences are varied and many (and listed below), in particular the ideas in this book inspire many of our lesson concepts:


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Trying out CloudBerry Lab Explorer Pro with Google Cloud Storage and Nearline

Tooling matters – particularly in the new-to-many-customers cloud world.  To that end, I’ve been using cloud storage management tools from CloudBerry Lab with several Enterprise customers and made a quick screencast demo of their Storage Explorer Pro (in this case for GCP – Google Cloud Storage and Nearline).

In addition to GCP, CloudBerry Lab makes cloud storage products which work with AWS, Azure, and more.

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Whitepaper – Streaming Hadoop Solutions

In this whitepaper, I take a look at the various options for Hadoop Streaming.  These include Apache Storm, Apache Spark Streaming and Apache Samza.  Also I examine commercial alternatives, such as Data Torrent.  I cover implementation details of streaming, including type of streaming and capacities of libraries and products included.

You can read this whitepaper online or download it via the included Slideshare link.

Happy streaming!

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Whitepaper – Practical Machine Learning

Here’s a whitepaper I wrote on the ‘state of Machine Learning’.  It includes information about implementation via various cloud-based ML services (AWS, Azure, IBM) as well as category information (for architects).  Your are welcome to read this whitepaper online or to download it if you prefer (linked to Slideshare source).


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Using Premium Data – for Business Analysts

Here’s the deck for my talk at SQLSaturday and also at SQLPASS BA conference.

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Spring and Summer Speaking Schedule for Lynn Langit

Spring and Summer 2015 speaking schedule

Gigaom Structure Data

In March

  • – recording a new course – here’s a link to my current courses (‘Hadoop Fundamentals’ and ‘Learning Visual Programming with Kodu’)
  • GigaOm Structure Data conference in NYC (March 17-19) – link here, speaking on the SaaS BI Solution Panel
  • TKP in NYC (March 19-20) – for private teacher training event, teaching teachers to teach kids Java

In April 

  • SQL Saturday 389 (April 11) in Huntington Beach, CA – link here
  • SQL PASS Business Analytics (April 20-22) in Santa Clara, CA – link here – speaking on ‘Premium Data for Analysts’ (Dun & Bradstreet is currently surveying potential customers – take survey here ) and also presenting a preCon ‘3 Tools per Hour – 24 FREE Tools for Analysts’

In May

  • DevIntersection Conference (May 19-21) in Scottsdale, AZ – link here– speaking on ‘The Azure Data Story’ and ‘AWS vs Azure – for the Architect’ (w/Michele Bustamante)

In June

  • Norwegian Developer’s Conference (June 15-19) in Oslo, Norway – link here–  speaking on ‘AWS vs. Azure for the Architect’ (w/ Michele Bustamante) and on other cloud topic TBD.

In July

  • Launching new TKP courseware (all month) in San Diego, CA – training teachers and teachers on core #TKPJava and #IoTDataScience
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