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Intro to Go language and Google App Engine


I attended a Go Language bootcamp this weekend and wanted to continue my learning by working with Go and the Google Cloud.  To that end I made a short screencast of how to setup the Go Language, my preferred Go IDE (Sublime) and a local Google App Engine development environment (as well as how to push to production). — Enjoy!

Go language mascot - the Gopher!






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Using the Google Cloud for Developers – Part 5 – Programming the Cloud APIs with Java

In this screencast, I show how to set up your development environment for programming with Java for the Google Cloud.  In addition, I review sample code for three services – GAE, GCE and Big Query.  Also, I show tools that I use, such as the OAuth 2.0 API Playground, to help me get up and coding faster.  Sample code referenced in this screencast is on GitHub

I have updated and consolidated all of the links I refer to this in this screencast series on this page.


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Using the Google Cloud for Developers – Part 4 – Command Line Tools

As with using any vendor’s cloud, using not only their web console to manage services, but also their command-line tools, is vital to being productive.  To that end, I made a screencast showing how to set up and to use the command line tools that are part of the Google Cloud SDK, such as gcloud, gcutil, gsutil and more.

Update: Thanks to Manfred (from Google) for getting back to me on a workaround to get the bq tool for BigQuery working.  In a nutshell, they are still working to integrate and also there was a version conflict for the tool on my machine.  To detect the version of each tool use ‘which bq’ and ‘which gcloud’ and compare the (path) outputs.  Manfred further advised me to use ‘‘ for the current release of the Cloud SDK.  I did that and it worked just fine. See screenshot below:

Using bq tool for Big Query

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Using the Google Cloud for Developers – Part 3 – Pricing

In this screencast, I take you through understanding how much the various services available via the Google cloud currently cost.  It’s always tricky to navigate the vendor price offerings. I include information about understanding quotas and the free tier that is available for some services, as well as show you a third party pricing calculator (PlanForCloud from RightScale), which I find handy in not only cost-estimating Google’s services, but also for comparing to those available from other cloud vendors.

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Using the Google Cloud for Developers – Part 2 – web consoles

Happy New Year!  Today I posted my 2nd screencast in my new series ‘Using the Google Cloud for Developers’.  Today’s topic is using the Google web consoles to quickly spin up, test out, manage and monitor their cloud services.  Demos include working with Google Compute Engine (VMs or IaaS), Google App Engine (managed services or sites or PaaS), using 3rd party consoles (Scalr and Right Scale) and using other services (BigQuery).


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New Screencast series – Using the Google Cloud for Developers

I have updated (and expanded) the screencast series I did this time last year for Pluralsight on ‘Using the Google Cloud for Developers’ to include new services and service updates that Google has released over this past year.  I’ll be releasing my updated content on YouTube, Slideshare and Github (so for FREE!).

Here is the first screencast – ‘A Gentle Introduction to the Google Cloud for Developers’

Enjoy and Happy New Year!