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Introducing SQL Azure Premium

Microsoft recently previewed SQL Azure Premium instance (beta).  This is set up on a per-server basis, that is a server can host SQL Azure WEB, BUSINESS or PREMIUM (P1 or P2) instances.  A database type can be upgraded on the same server.  Important note from Microsoft site :”We do not provide any SLA for SQL Database Premium during preview.”

I am interested in your feedback on this offering – please comment below.

Also to be complete, I am including a link to Amazon Web Services RDS (which includes full SQL Server 2008 or 2012) SLA, of particular note is the ‘provisioned IOPS section of their SLA.

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New YouTube Series – Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals

Hadoop MapReduce
Hadoop MapReduce

I’ve been working with Hadoop MapReduce in several formats over the past couple of years.  I decided to pull together my experience and record this as a free, multi-part screencast series on YouTube.

The course consists of 5 screencasts – from 30 – 50 minutes per part.  Each part tackles some aspect of Hadoop MapReduce, from basic, conceptual understanding to most common tuning processes.  Throughout the series, I’ve included screencast demos using a variety of vendor distributions of Hadoop.  These demos include Cloudera CHD4, Windows Azure HDInsight, AWS MapReduce and more.

Below is the first module of the course.

Here is a link to the entire Power Point deck.

Here is a link to the course demo files.

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Trying out MongoDB 2.4 in the cloud and for free

I was happy to find Mongo Lab, a cloud-based template service for MongoDB.


This quick and easy service is also very useful, as I was wanting to try out some of the new features in the MongoDB 2.4 release, and Mongo Lab not only supports 4 different clouds for quick and easy MongoDB deployment, but also support deployment of MongoDB 2.4. They have a small instance, that is totally free, so this is a great way to get up an going with MongoDB.

Deploy MongoDB to any of four different clouds
Deploy MongoDB to any of four different clouds

Here’s a quick screencast to give you a flavor of this product.

Also, I’ll be presenting on MongoDB at the Big Data Tech Con in Boston in April.  Here’s my updated core deck.