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Understanding AWS Pricing

AWS Console
AWS Console

Because I get asked so regularly, I made a deck and screencast with the goal of helping you to understand and to get the best value for AWS pricing.  Here are list of useful tools, when trying to understand AWS pricing:

1) AWS Free Tier information – here
2) AWS Pricing Calculator – here
3) About AWS billing – here
4) RightScale Plan for Cloud cross-cloud pricing calculator – here

Here’s the deck

Here’s the screencast

Feel free to share tips and information that you have for understanding AWS pricing in the comments section of this blog post as well.


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Introducing SQL Azure Premium

Microsoft recently previewed SQL Azure Premium instance (beta).  This is set up on a per-server basis, that is a server can host SQL Azure WEB, BUSINESS or PREMIUM (P1 or P2) instances.  A database type can be upgraded on the same server.  Important note from Microsoft site :”We do not provide any SLA for SQL Database Premium during preview.”

I am interested in your feedback on this offering – please comment below.

Also to be complete, I am including a link to Amazon Web Services RDS (which includes full SQL Server 2008 or 2012) SLA, of particular note is the ‘provisioned IOPS section of their SLA.