How to: Installing AerospikeDB on Google Compute Engine

Recently, I’ve been doing some work with AerospikeDB.  It is a super-fast in-memory NoSQL Database.  I gave a presentation at the recent BigDataCampLA on ‘Bleeding Edge Databases’ and included it because of impressive benchmarks, such as 1 Million TPS (read-only workload) PER SERVER and 40K TPS (read-write) on that same server.  Here’s the live presentation, […]

Where is Lynn? March-May 2014

I’ll be speaking at and/or attending a number of technical events this spring. I decided to make a short video to list all of them – if you are attending any of these events, stop over and say ‘hi’.

ApprovalTests at Agile 2012

Woody Zuill and I are presenting on the open source unit testing library ApprovalTests at the Agile 2012 conference this week.  Below are the slides.  The presentation will also be recorded and I will link that recording here after it’s posted. Are you using ApprovalTests?  How’s it going? Let me know on the comments in […]

Real-world Entity Framework

Here’s the deck and sample code from our talk ‘Real-world Entity Framework’ at DevTeach Vancouver, BC.  In this talk we show the mechanics of working with database-first EF, using an order entry system.  Our code examples include both read and CRUD operations.  We also talk about lazy vs. eager loading.  We show patterns (using Loaders), […]