D&B Business Verification Service

I’ve been doing work with Dun & Bradstreet (and am also a D&B MVP), to that end, I wrote a code sample for working with their Business Verification service API in C# and published it to GitHub.

D&B’s Business Verification service is useful for many of my clients as it provides the ability to take partial (and potentially duplicate) customer information and returns back cleansed, completed, validated company information.  Also their unique identifier, the DUNS number, helps to identify duplicates.

My code sample is in C# and access their endpoint which is hosted in the Windows Azure Marketplace. D&B has a number of other data services, in addition to this one.  In addition to the Azure Marketplace, D&B has data services available at endpoints via their own D&B Direct site.

If you don’t need to code a custom solution the D&B Business Verification service is also available via the Windows Office store (as an Excel 2013 add-in) or via Excel Power Query.

D&B Business Verification Add-in for Excel

Enjoy my code sample and screencast (below) – happy programming!

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