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Quick Look – Trying out Neo4j

I’ve had two consulting clients looking to solve business problems that seem to be a fit for a particular kind of NoSQL database – that is a graph database.  What is a graph database, you ask?  Wikipedia has a good definition (and picture!), quoting:

graph database uses graph structures with nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data. By definition, a graph database is any storage system that provides index-free adjacency. This means that every element contains a direct pointer to its adjacent element and no index lookups are necessary

I met some of the Neo4j team at Silicon Valley Code Camp last fall and they talked me about learning more.  Since then, I’ve taken some time to work with the Neo4j model and query language (Cypher) and have used their excellent website as a starting point.  I made a quick video to get you started too – enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Quick Look – Trying out Neo4j

  1. Lynn,

    that’s awesome! Thanks a lot for all the feedback. Did you also look at for the interactive tutorial? We’d love to get as much feedback for the site as learning experience / learning paths as possible. So if you have some time please get back to us. Our founder and VP community @peterneubauer is in the valley this week, so perhaps you might want to catch up.

    Also as you probably come from the .net world, feel free to check out the awesome Neo4jClient ( from readify.



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