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Decks from SQL Pass Summit 2012 – NoSQL and AWS

Here are my decks from this week

First ‘NoSQL for the SQL Server Pro’

Next ‘AWS for the SQL Server Pro’

Also, one of the engineers who built the AWS RDS SQL Server offering is actually here (in the AWS booth) at the show.  I had a great conversation with him about what his team is working on next for SQL Server on AWS RDS.

3 thoughts on “Decks from SQL Pass Summit 2012 – NoSQL and AWS

  1. I attended your talk today. It was very good. You covered a variety of topics and yet gave good info about each. It was nice to get this perspective rather than all the hype around these technologies!
    Thank you.

  2. I also attended your talk on AWS. I was inspired to research this more. Thanks for a great presentation. How was the red-eye flight to Europe after PASS? Mannn that must’ve been a killer, but I just wanted to make a shout out of your hard work and presentation. I’ll have to catch you live again in LA since I’m from that area too.

    Any feedback on the items you were going to take to Amazon? I’m very interested in when they might have an AMI for Windows Server 2012/SQL Server 2012. Doesn’t matter if its core or gui, just so i wouldn’t have to do it myself. And the feedback on having beta releases as AMIs?

    Would be nice if you could post a follow up on these items.

    Thank You!

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