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Why I won’t be trying out Azure VMs today

Big announcement day for Windows Azure – details on ScottGu’s blog.

So, even though, I’ve had some difficulty avoiding charges when trying out Azure features in the past (blog reference), I signed up for a new free trial account.  After signing up, I was ready to go for it on the new features – specifically VMs and WebSites.  Unfortunately, by default those features weren’t available in the new portal (shown below).

So, after reading around a bit on the Azure portal, I found that I would have to go to Windows Azure>Account>Preview Features to enable access to the newly announced features.  First, I clicked on the ‘Web Sites’ feature and was presented with the dialog box shown below.  I was happy to see the word ‘FREE’ as part of the dialog.

Next I clicked on the ‘Try it now’ button for VMs and got the dialog box shown below.  Hmm… ‘charges may be included’ — what charges?  how much?  I can’t seem to find any info on that, so I am not clicking.  Darn, this is a feature that I really wanted to try out.

To be complete, I then clicked on the ‘Try it out’ button for the media services.  Did I see the comforting word ‘FREE’? Nope – as shown below.

Buyer beware!  I would really like to try out these new features, but will not try them if I have to pay to try.  I would be interested to hear about your experience with these new features, feel free to add comments to this blog post with your experiences.

8 thoughts on “Why I won’t be trying out Azure VMs today

  1. If you use the 90 day free trial, then you will not be charged. Once your included compute hours have been used, Windows Azure will disable your subscription but not charge you.

  2. Thanks for the video! And You may probably know this but it may help others: During free trial, do not remove the spending limit if you do not wish to be charged.

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