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AWS RDS SQL Server vs. SQL Azure Smackdown – Importing Data

This is first in a series of comparisons between Amazon Web Services RDS SQL Server and SQL Azure. It is useful for me to understand exactly which features and tools work with cloud-deployed instances of SQL Server. In this screencast I take a look at common methods to import data. These include backup/restore, DACPAC and other tools such as the SQL Azure Migration Wizard (available from CodePlex).

Do the tools work? How well? Watch the video and find out.

3 thoughts on “AWS RDS SQL Server vs. SQL Azure Smackdown – Importing Data

  1. This was helpful. Both cloud solutions get me so close but it’s the final mile that’s always difficult to connect up with. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Thank you so much for this. It was a }}HUGE{{ help on a recent Win 2003 / SQL 2005 physical migration to RDS SQL 2008. You are the best. If you are ever in Seattle, beers on me.


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