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First Look – SQL Server on Amazon Web Services RDS

Of course I had to try it out!  Here’s the announcement from @Werner – and the documentation from the AWS site on the new support for SQL Server in AWS RDS.  There is a free usage tier as follows:

“If you are a new Amazon RDS customer, you can get started with Amazon RDS for SQL Server with a Free Usage Tier, which includes 750 hours per month of Amazon RDS micro instances with SQL Server Express Edition, 20GB of database storage and 10 million I/O requests per month.”

Particularly of note is the announcement that in addition to supporting all editions of SQL Server 2008 R2 (i.e. Express, Developer, Standard and Enterprise), AWS intends to support SQL Server 2012 on RDS later this year as well.

I recorded a short screencast to show you start-to-connecting in SSMS with SQL Server on AWS RDS — enjoy!

BTW…take a look at out my new class ‘No SQL for the SQL Server Pro’ (May 22 in Anaheim, CA — reduced price too!)

5 thoughts on “First Look – SQL Server on Amazon Web Services RDS

  1. I am confused about the statement on Amazon’s RDS Free Usage Tier. How can a SQL Server Express edition use 20GB of db storage? Doesn’t Express Editions have a 4GB restriction? Does that mean you will have to set up multiple instances to “utilize” 20GB storage?

    1. I see your point – the max db for SQL Server 2012 express is larger, but only up to 10 GB, so I am not sure either how you’d use up to 20 GB via this offer

  2. Guys basically it is the instance of the Server that is offering you the 20GB, Inside the instance you have to create DB, whose size will be restricted, So per instance you can have multiple DB’s

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