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NoSQL for the SQL Server DBA

Here are the slides and my demos from my this presentation, which I will be delivering at SQLSaturday 120 .  Here I cover data storage options for NoSQL and RDBMS databases – also for both on premise and on the cloud.  I explain when to use which database solution and include some examples of using ‘not-only-SQL’ (i.e. combinations of both relational and non-relational implementations based on business requirements.)


4 thoughts on “NoSQL for the SQL Server DBA

  1. Lynn, I attended your presentation yesterday at SQL Saturday and just wanted to say how great it was! My two favorite points were your comparison slide #21, and your perspective on bigdata relating to floods of consumer behavior, as from realtime phone locations.

    I’m a bit more of an optimistic about RDBMS, I think even something like SQL Server can be extended and allowed to support lighter-weight storage for such floods of non-critical data, just as the bigdata technologies can be accessed via SQL. But certainly, for the humongous scale apps either with millions of users or petabytes of data, right now you’d have to go bigdata.

    Thanks again for your presentation!

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