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SQL Sever 2012 Data Quality Services – Data Cleansing

This is a 5 minute screencast on how to use the Data Cleansing area in Data Quality Service (client) for SQL Server 2012 RC0.  The heart of the Data Cleansing area is the ‘Manage and View Results’ section, where you work with the results of the new possible data values (which were discovered after you ran the ‘Cleanse’ action using the mappings from your source data columns to the destination Knowledge Base domains).  In the  ‘Manage and View Results’ you can see, review and manually change any of the suggested results.  Results are displayed grouped by Correct, Corrected, Suggested, New or Invalid (values).  Results include the score (confidence) and reason for suggestion.

In this section by manually reviewing the suggested output, you ‘clean’ your data using the power of the your Knowledge Base combined with your own review.   When you are done, you then export the approved values to a new table on SQL Server or to a .csv file.  It’s important to understand that DQS does NOT change original data values.  After exporting, you would perform further processing, such as by using a SSIS package to merge or update selected new values back into source data.


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