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Quick Look – Data-driven alerts for SSRS in SQL 2012

I spent some time today setting up and testing the new data-driven alert feature in SQL Server 2012 (RC0) Reporting Services. Using this features requires that you follow the steps for install — integrated mode with SharePoint 2010 Enterprise quite preciselyhere’s a link.  After you do get the (reporting) service installed correctly, then you’ll want to read this article about what types of reports will work with data-driven alerts.

Also I made a quick (5 minute) screencast showing what I thought was the trickiest install step (actually creating the reporting service instance via the SharePoint Administrative portal) and also quickly showing what the alerts look like to the end users.


3 thoughts on “Quick Look – Data-driven alerts for SSRS in SQL 2012

  1. @Lynn thanks for you article, I wonder can we set up data-driven to scheduler email with report’s result in email’s body?? I’ve tried in anyway of research but I still dont fonnd no solution to do yet

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