6 thoughts on “First Look – SQL Server 2012 PowerView

  1. Lynn, thanks for the screencast. I had seen a recent SQL Server 2012 BI demo at an event and thought it would be nice to try this out. I tried connecting to the businessintelligencedemoportal.com site (from Safari on a Mac) and despite my Windows Live ID (hotmail account) got an access restriction message. Subsequent site refreshes led to some errors with the system not recognizing my Live ID anymore.

      • Just tried it from within my Win 7 emulation in Parallels using IE 9. Same thing: Access Denied.

        Since it’s dependent on Silverlight, on a Mac with Safari you’ll probably be out of luck anyway, though?

      • hmm…I use chrome on win7 (bootcamp on a macbook) and it’s working. I can test chrome on the macOS side later today. I don’t use IE unless I am forced to 🙂

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