6 thoughts on “First Look – SQL Server 2012 PowerView

  1. Lynn, thanks for the screencast. I had seen a recent SQL Server 2012 BI demo at an event and thought it would be nice to try this out. I tried connecting to the businessintelligencedemoportal.com site (from Safari on a Mac) and despite my Windows Live ID (hotmail account) got an access restriction message. Subsequent site refreshes led to some errors with the system not recognizing my Live ID anymore.

      1. Just tried it from within my Win 7 emulation in Parallels using IE 9. Same thing: Access Denied.

        Since it’s dependent on Silverlight, on a Mac with Safari you’ll probably be out of luck anyway, though?

      2. hmm…I use chrome on win7 (bootcamp on a macbook) and it’s working. I can test chrome on the macOS side later today. I don’t use IE unless I am forced to 🙂

      3. Are you sure that access is granted to every Windows Live ID? Or does one need to sign up and get permissions granted first?

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