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Visualizing Alice in Wonderland–WolframAlpha|Pro


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about ‘the last mile’ of BigData acceptance, commonly referred to as effective data visualization.  To that end, I signed up for a 14-day free trial of the WolframAlpha|Pro today.  Below is a short video of getting started.

As you can see, the ‘Pro’ version has some interesting visualization / search features.  These include visualizing Text files which you have uploaded.  Below are the character terms from a sample they’ve included, from the book  ‘Alice in Wonderland’.


In addition to being able to upload text files for analysis, using the PRO features, you can also do some other interesting things (shown below), such as direct data input, image input and CDF interactivity.


As I mention in the video, I am interested in data visualization and search tools for both my professional work and my work developing courseware for children (for ‘Teaching Kids Programming’).  To that end, I’d be interested to hear if / how you are using Wolfram Alpha Pro.

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