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NoSQL for the DBA – 5 Minute Preview

I am working on a new one-hour talk ‘NoSQL for the DBA’ for SQLSaturday 120 in March in Huntington Beach, CA.  As I work on this, I am thinking about what to focus on – here are my ideas:

1) Understanding CAP
2) Understanding the different ‘flavors’ of NoSQL – i.e. Document databases, Key/Value databases, Graph databases, etc…
3) Translating relational DBA task to NoSQL
4) Talking about hosted (cloud) NoSQL

Here’s a 5-minute video preview.

One thought on “NoSQL for the DBA – 5 Minute Preview

  1. Lynn,

    Looks like an interesting agenda. I think you should also cover JSON based NoSQL implementations and graphing/relationship NoSQL DBs. Personally I think graphing/relationship NoSQL DBs really help the audience in understanding the need for NoSQL databases.


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