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Intro to Google App Engine for Developers

Here are the slides from my talk at SoCalCodeCamp coming up on Saturday, Jan 28 at 1:30pm at UC Fullerton.  Hope to see you there.

This talk is a preview of the 4-day class I am authoring for DevelopMentor called ‘Essential Google App Engine for Developers’.

2 thoughts on “Intro to Google App Engine for Developers

  1. Great performances at the Code Camp in Fullerton!…

    This is the first presentation that I attend on your side as an independent consultant …. and I love watching the same level of professionalism but now with a broader view of industry and with a touch more critical.

    Congratulations on that and certainly we will be seeing more events like this because it’s always a pleasure to learn and have fun at the same time and you always leave me some homework …

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