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Lessons Learned – Benchmarking NoSQL on the AWS Cloud (AerospikeDB and Redis)

In this post I’ll summarize what I learned from running benchmark tests on virtual machines on the AWS Cloud with the Aerospike team and also as I validated their test results independently. I’ll also discuss benchmarking techniques & results for this … Continue reading

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How to: Developing for Aerospike with Python or C#

I’ve been doing some work with the super fast in-memory database,  Aerospike lately.  See previous blog posts here about the speed of this product.  Since I’ve started work w/Aerospike, the team there has announced that their core product is now … Continue reading

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How to: Installing AerospikeDB on Google Compute Engine

Recently, I’ve been doing some work with AerospikeDB.  It is a super-fast in-memory NoSQL Database.  I gave a presentation at the recent BigDataCampLA on ‘Bleeding Edge Databases’ and included it because of impressive benchmarks, such as 1 Million TPS (read-only … Continue reading

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Bleeding Edge Databases – Aerospike, Algebraix and Google Big Query

I gave a talk called ‘Bleeding Edge Databases’ at this weekend’s BigDataCampLA.  Several attendees asked me to record the talk, so I did (and will link that post below).                 Here’s my favorite … Continue reading

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Code Sample for D&B Business Verification API published

I’ve been doing work with Dun & Bradstreet (and am also a D&B MVP), to that end, I wrote a code sample for working with their Business Verification service API in C# and published it to GitHub. D&B’s Business Verification … Continue reading

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Microsoft Machine Learning Smackdown

Deck from a talk I will be giving this Saturday at SQLSaturday in Mountain View, CA — hope to see you there!

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Quandl and Excel – Public Data you can use

              I found a great tool for integrating Quandl free, public data into Excel PowerBI. I made a quick screencast too.  There are over 8,000,000 datasets to pick from and everything is free, so … Continue reading

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