About me

I like power tools too!

Can you count the game consoles?

I like data, and traveling, and languages (both computer and human)…what do you like?  More info about me on G+ (About) and on my Amazon author profile

Here’s an interview I did for ‘The Code Project’ .  I have been happy to get several community awards for my contributions to technical education. These AWARDS are as follows:

Microsoft MVP (for SQL Server 2012) – this is a new award for me.  Microsoft awards this annually for community contributions.  I got this award in April 2013, 2014 and again in 2015.

AWS Community Hero (for Cloud technologies) – this is a new award type from AWS and I am proud to have been recognized by AWS for my public technical education work in their first group of people given this award.  I have delivered a number of technical talks at major conferences about the AWS cloud and also have created a series of technical screencasts on using the AWS cloud on YouTube.

Microsoft MVP

Microsoft MVP


Google Developer Expert (for Cloud technologies)- this is a new award type from Google and I am proud to have been recognized as one of the first experts in these technologies in the world in 2013, 2014 and again in 2015.  Here’s a link to the member directory.  I have authored several courses for Pluralsight to help developers use various Google Cloud technologies.  I also have many courses on the Google Cloud on my YouTube channel.

MongoDB Master – this is an award from MongoDB to community members who education about use of MongoDB – here’s a link to their member directory.

Dun & Bradstreet MVP – I was the first one – more here.

Melissa Data MVP
– this is a new program, in partnership with the education work I’ve done around Data Quality Services in SQL Server 2012.  Here’s the announcement.

Cloudera Certified Developer – this is a certification in developing on Hadoop (MapReduce).  I have also been involved with HDInsight (Hadoop on Azure) since it’s creation.  I am currently writing a course on MapReduce for Developers for Pluralsight.

Hire me to do consulting and custom coaching / training:

1) I work side-by-side with your team to implement the data technologies (RDBMS and /or NoSQL — SQL Server, Hadoop, DynamoDB, MongoDB, etc..) which will bring the most value to your business.  Here’s my LinkedIn professional profile

2) I work with your team to learn, understand and select the appropriate data technologies which will delight your customers – these include optimized reporting, business intelligence, BigData solutions and sensible use of cloud data solutions.

3) I Educate your company’s decision makers as to expected costs and returns of various data solutions – i.e. ‘should we use AWS or Rackspace?’, and ‘should we upgrade to SQL Server 2012?’, and ‘which features in the standard [or enterprise] edition of the RDBMS do we need?’

Contact me – at lynnlangit at live dot com

I am also the co-founder of ‘Teaching Kids Programming’ – go here for more info.

15 Responses to About me

  1. Mithun Dhar says:

    Good stuff! Nice place to call home, Lynn! :)

  2. Justin Hardy says:

    Hello Lynn,
    I had the pleasure of hearing you and Llewellyn’s presentation about the Teaching Kids Programming at the Vital Link Career Educator Breakfast in September. I currently volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club in Long Beach for a program called “Career Sessions.” I would love to see if your organization would be willing to speak to our the kids. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. sschepertt says:

    Great seeing your presentation at Code Camp in Fullerton. Would you mind linking to or helping me find the Excel Add-in that I believe you called “Prediction” ? I’ve looked everywhere for it (meaning I googled it and couldn’t find it in 5 minutes), and would love to download it.


  4. suresh datla says:

    Lynn – It was rather a fantastic presentation at code camp. I had a short conversation with you about my twitter + data analytics project, please forward me any important resources that can help me. datla_re@hotmail.com

  5. Have you tried Couchbase Server?

  6. Kevin James says:

    Lynn – I am a Phd student at the University of Oklahoma. I have been conducting a literature review and ran across some of your work. I would very much like to contact you via email with some questions I have. Is this OK with you?

  7. Arturo Salinas says:

    Hi Lynn – I’m a student,actually I’m working with MongoDb, I saw that you’re a specialist in this topic, so I want to know if is possible split the file (physical) where is stored the db of Mongo, exactly split by Date (similar a backup), thanks (Y)

  8. David Laub says:

    Teaching Kids Programming – I’m struggling to find the correct place to ask for information on how to “break into” this field. I’m a 40 year veteran of IT, with a Masters Degree in CS from DePaul University, and the last 10 years being focused in .net/c# development. I’ve taught undergraduate IT classes as an assistant professor at Elmhurst College in the Chicago area, and I love mentoring individuals. I’m at something of a career impasse and I would like to refocus my IT career to be more meaningful to the general population, and would love to begin again either as a teacher, teaching teachers, and/or developing curriculum for teachers. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


    David Laub


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  10. Leonid Levin says:

    Hi Lynn! I am preparing to teach TKP and need some help. I’ve gone through all of your video’s and explanations. Yet there are a few things that I don’t quite understand, like what is the role of the instructors at each step. Can you explain who does what at what time? Is a recipe instructor-led or kids just work in pairs? What’s the role of the instructor during the recipe? Recap is more or less clear: The teachers do the recap, the kids listen. Then variations: what does the instructor do? just draw the variations table and then let the kids do the rest? Do the kids just do the quiz and the homework in pairs, without much intervening from the teachers?

    I am asking this, because in all of your video’s, it’s just you and Llewellyn, who are doing all the work, and it’s not clear whether you are in the role of the teachers or the kids. Is there perhaps a video of a real class with all the 5 stages?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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