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Getting over 4 Million TPS with NoSQL on the Google Cloud with Aerospike

I did some work with the Aerospike team and some other partners (@dchaley and @jamesrcounts) to validate Aerospike performance benchmarks on the Google Cloud using GCE instances. In addition to blogging about the relatively simple 6-step process of setting up … Continue reading

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Trying out CloudBerry Lab Explorer Pro with Google Cloud Storage and Nearline

Tooling matters – particularly in the new-to-many-customers cloud world.  To that end, I’ve been using cloud storage management tools from CloudBerry Lab with several Enterprise customers and made a quick screencast demo of their Storage Explorer Pro (in this case … Continue reading

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How to: Installing AerospikeDB on Google Compute Engine

Recently, I’ve been doing some work with AerospikeDB.  It is a super-fast in-memory NoSQL Database.  I gave a presentation at the recent BigDataCampLA on ‘Bleeding Edge Databases’ and included it because of impressive benchmarks, such as 1 Million TPS (read-only … Continue reading

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Bleeding Edge Databases – Aerospike, Algebraix and Google Big Query

I gave a talk called ‘Bleeding Edge Databases’ at this weekend’s BigDataCampLA.  Several attendees asked me to record the talk, so I did (and will link that post below).                 Here’s my favorite … Continue reading

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Intro to the Google Cloud for Developers

Here’s the deck from my talk at #Techorama  – enjoy.

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First Look – Windows Virtual Machine on the Google Cloud

Yes, you read this right.  Google announced last week at their cloud event, that their IaaS service – Google Compute Engine would begin to offer ‘premium operating systems’ – including Windows.  After getting approval from Google to join their limited preview, I … Continue reading

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Intro to Go language and Google App Engine

I attended a Go Language bootcamp this weekend and wanted to continue my learning by working with Go and the Google Cloud.  To that end I made a short screencast of how to setup the Go Language, my preferred Go … Continue reading

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Using the Google Cloud for Developers – Part 6 – Learning More and Next Steps

In this screencast I share some tips, best practices and focus areas to help you move from evaluation to proof-of-concept to production with the Google Cloud.  I also ‘tour’ you through my most valuable resources.  

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Using the Google Cloud for Developers – Part 5 – Programming the Cloud APIs with Java

In this screencast, I show how to set up your development environment for programming with Java for the Google Cloud.  In addition, I review sample code for three services – GAE, GCE and Big Query.  Also, I show tools that … Continue reading

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Using the Google Cloud for Developers – Part 4 – Command Line Tools

As with using any vendor’s cloud, using not only their web console to manage services, but also their command-line tools, is vital to being productive.  To that end, I made a screencast showing how to set up and to use … Continue reading

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